A reliable and durable display that keeps up with your business

SMART Signage TV combines Samsung's world-class picture quality with commercial-grade technologies for dependable and continuous usage. More durable than conventional household TVs, which are designed to operate only 8 hours a day, SMART Signage TV displays can run up to 16 hours per day, even in harsh conditions like high temperatures or high humidity. And, this reliability is backed by a 3-year warranty that far outlasts typical consumer TV warranties that extend less than a year when used commercially.

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Easy setup with everything you need in one box

SMART Signage TV’s simple installation steps will have your display up and running in a snap. All the components you need to install and use the solution, including a mini wall mount and stand, are conveniently packaged in a single box. And, SMART Signage TV offers portrait-mode installation so you can design your business messaging to suit your unique needs.

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Easy mobile content management for on-the-go business

 SMART Signage TV allows you to manage and deploy content from your mobile device for greater flexibility. Unlike other TV products that require you to plug in a separate Wi-Fi dongle, SMART Signage TV has an embedded Wi-Fi solution for hassle-free connectivity. With SMART Signage TV, small business owners can simply download the MagicInfo Express mobile application and conveniently edit promotional content on a mobile device screen. Simply upload your mobile content directly to Signage TV, and then instantly play the uploaded content on the TV screen.

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